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    Bridge Baron 22
        Mac Users
            I got a new computer but my Bridge Baron did not transfer over.
            I get a Error message when i try to activate?
            I did not receive a Serial Number with my CD
            My Serial Number is not Complete
            every time they start the game, a window pops up saying that the game is not activated
            I get a message saying "eSellerate Engine is missing".
            I got an Email regarding a Download?
            I want to Download a Bridge Baron 22 Upgrade
            When I click on "play Online", the "Login to" button in the "Network communicator" window is greyed out.
            I'm trying to play online but it's asking for Net Framework
            Bridge Baron 22 Windows Online Play Help

I got an Email regarding a Download?
You ordered a Download or a Download & CD, you will receive and email from with your Download Link and serial Number. if you are unsure on what to click here are the links

Bridge Baron 22

Windows English

Windows Dutch

Windows French

Mac Download

Remember to save your serial number and to register it.