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    Bridge Baron 23
            BB23 installation failed error (certificate expired)
            Installer will not run and something different opens up (extension mapping issue)
            When I double click on Bridge Baron setup I get a message that says “Setup can’t be installed because it is from an unidentified developer and I can only install things from the app store”
            Bridge Baron 21 or older will not install on MAC OS 10.7 or 10.8
            Purchase lessons from a MAC
            Creating and saving conventions to use during gameplay

BB23 installation failed error (certificate expired)
Download this link and copy the App straight to the Application folder :

For OS 10.8 users - For zipped applications OS 10.8 does not allow it to run because it thinks it is malicious. To remove that, after you unzip the application in the Downloads folder, open a terminal windows (from Utilities) then type the following command:

xattr -d -r ~/Downloads/Br*

then copy the BridgeBaron23 into the Applications folder and you should be fine.