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Getting Started
Upon opening the Bridge Baron 24 application, you will see the welcome screen, which looks like this:

On the welcome screen you can choose between several options:

- You can start playing online with other players from all around the world by hitting "Online play"

- by hitting "New game" you can play offline all by yourself against computer opponents

- "Load game" opens a previously played game from games or tournaments section

- if you choose "Tournaments", you can load existing tournaments or purchase new ones

- and finally there is a button for "Settings", where you can choose your game settings

In "New game" and "Tournaments" mode, you will always be south.

In "Online play" mode you can join any available seat in the tables which exist at that time. If you yourself create a table, you will always be south, hosting the other players.

To get started simply hit one of the buttons. For online play and tournaments, Logging in is required, and a window will prompt you to either log in or Create New Account.

Enjoy and Good Luck!