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Buddy List
If you play online, you can add other players to your "Buddy list".

If someone is on your Buddy list, you can send private messages to him/her even if you are not sitting at the same table.

If you click on a players name you always get his/her profile. It does not matter if the name looks like button or not, it is always an active element showing that player`s profile.

You can add players to your "Buddy list" while playing using the "Buddies/Online players" button at the table, then tapping on a fellow player's name and choosing "Add to buddies".

After logging in to play online you can see, by using the "Buddies/Online players" button, which buddies are online. Those online are marked with green. From this screen you can also send private messages to your buddies.

You can also add players to your "Buddy list" by using the "Buddies/Online players" button at the menu bar of the tables screen. The "All Players" button at the upper left corner of the screen shows you the list of players who are online at the moment. You can add these players to your "Buddy list" by tapping on their names and then choosing "Add to buddies".

While actually playing you can send messages to all players on your table by typing your message in the bottom right corner box and clicking "Send".