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Chatting (online play)
When playing online, you can chat with other players in this table by using the "Chat" button on the main table screen.

You can type your own message - maybe you want to say "Hello" after joining the table or you can choose one of the quick messages shown at the right side of the Chat screen. You can send the quick messages simply by touching the message.

The messages can be seen by all the players at the table as texts in balloons. You can also view all the sent messages on the Chat screen, the older ones can be reached by scrolling upwards.

Some players use abbreviations.

"gl" means "good luck"

"ty"or "tu" means "thank you"

"wdp" means "well done partner"

"wdo" means "well done opponent"

"gtg" means "got to go"

"this is my last" usually means that the player will leave after the deal is played.