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Convention Card Practice
To access the Convention Card Practice you will first click on the "Convention Practice"button from the main menu.

The Conventions Practice feature allows you to practice bidding conventions on millions of different deals.

Using the Conventions Practice feature, you will always be given some deals to practice on which you are supposed to use the conventions you are practicing. You can also choose to generate deals that are close or "near misses"; these are deals that are very similar to deals on which you are supposed to bid a convention, but that are not quite appropriate for bidding the convention.

On the Conventions Practice screen, double click on the convention(s) you would like to practice with in the "available conventions" window. Once selected you will see the selected convention(s) on the right side window under "Selected Conventions". Check "Generate deals that are close" if you want to practice both using and not using a bidding convention, or uncheck generate near misses if you only want to practice using bidding conventions. If you decide that you do not want to practice a convention that is listed under "Selected Conventions" double click on the name of the convention you want removed and it will move that convention back to "Available conventions".

Once you have selected the conventions that you want to practice click "Generate Deals". The Conventions program will start generating deals on which you can practice bidding conventions. You will see the deal number results on the right hand side of the window and here you can double click on any deal to start practicing that deal number.

The auction will begin; all bids before it is your turn to bid the convention (or, possibly, not bid the convention, if you checked "generate deals that are close") will be made.

At that time, you may click on your bid. If you need help, you may click on Hint; you may also click Auction Interpretation for Bridge Baron's interpretation of the bidding, Flowcharts for Bridge Baron's bidding flowcharts, or Evaluation for Bridge Baron's evaluation of your hand, just as you usually do when playing bridge with Bridge Baron.

Once you have chosen your bid, the Conventions program will immediately tell you whether you correctly used the convention (or, if you checked "generate deals that are close", whether you correctly refrained from using the convention.) If you are correct, the Conventions program will continue bidding. If you were supposed to bid a convention, but did not, the Conventions program will tell you the bid you should have made, the convention that you should have used, and the reason that you should have made that bid. If you were supposed to refrain from using a convention, but used the convention anyway, the Conventions practice will tell you that you should not have used the convention, and the reason that you should not have used the convention.

You may then finish bidding out the deal. The Conventions program will again remind you what convention you were supposed to bid -- or perhaps supposed to refrain from bidding -- and what bid you should have made -- or refrained from making. You may then advance to the next practice deal by clicking Next deal or you can play that specific hand by clicking "Play Deal"; you may also Rebid the deal or Exit from the Conventions program.