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My Deals
To access the "My Deals" feature you will first click on the "My Deals"button from the main menu.

This feature allows you to save and edit deals in a saved file on your computer. You can use My Deals feature to save a Bridge Baron deal you have just played, or you can go directly to My Deals and enter the cards, bids and plays of a deal. After a deal is over, you can add a commentary before saving it to disk.

After playing a deal, when you select Save Deal in PPL, you will be prompted to supply a file name. If you supply an existing file name, the deal will be added to that file; thus, you can save more than one deal in the same file. Then you may give the deal a name, a brief description, and appropriate commentary. (Note that the deal number will not automatically be saved, so if you wish to be able to identify the deal by number at a later time you should include the deal number in the commentary.) You may also include up to three bidding footnotes, and you may identify the last critical trick. This is the point beyond which all plays are routine, and the program will not require a particular play sequence beyond this point when the deal is replayed.

You may also retrieve an already-saved deal, enter new deals, delete an already-saved deal, or edit an already-saved deal.

After clicking on "My Deals" you can then choose to create "New Deal", "Edit Deal", "Delete Deal", "Guided Play" and "Free Play".

On the next screen you will choose the bidding sequence. Once completed you can click on "Next" to move forward to the next option.

You can then select "Vulnerability" and "Dealer" and click on "Next" to move on. Please make note that if you do not select cards for other players Bridge Baron will automatically assign random cards to those players.

You may also use "My Deal" to read PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) files. After clicking "My Deals" select "open file" or select from the window on the left hand side. After selecting a file you may go directly to a particular deal by clicking its number and then clicking on "Guided Play" or "Free Play". Note that Bridge Baron only reads the hands, the contract, and the required commentary tags from the PBN file. Many PBN files can be found on the World Wide Web at: