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Playing Bridge Baron 24
After the bidding is completed, you can start to play. To play a card, you simply have to click on the card you would like to play.

If you are the declarer, you are expected to play for the dummy too. If you play with a computer as your partner, and your computer partner is the declarer, then you are expected to play the hand. The table is rotated 180, so your hand becomes the dummy.

At the bottom of the table you can see several buttons listed.

"Hint" gives you a suggestion which card to select.

"Undo" button lets you request an undo if you accidentally hit a wrong card. As in bidding, the undo has to be accepted by other human players.

"Claim/Concede" button lets you claim the tricks by the program computing how many tricks are due to you.

"Show all" button lets you view or hide all the cards, but only on condition that the table is set on "Practice" mode, and you can only make the cards visible when it is your turn to bid or play.

Tip: to close a trick quicker, tap on the center area of table.

While playing, you might want to consult the review screen, which is accessible using the "Review" button. There you can see all the tricks played thus far.

After the hand has been played, the Score screen appears. The host of the table (South) is in charge of proceeding on to the next deal by hitting the "Next Deal" button on the Score screen.

If duplicate bridge was chosen as scoring method, then proceeding on to "Next Deal" becomes available only after scoring the played deal.

If you want to leave the table, then in "New game" and "Tournaments" mode you can simply hit the "Close" button. Your hand is saved and accessible using the "Load game" button on the main welcome screen.

In "Online play" mode, you should first use the "Close" button from the main table screen (This takes you back to where all the tables are listed), and then choose the "Quit" button on the Lobby screen. This takes you back to the main menu. If Bridge Baron 24 is closed without using the "Close" and "Quit" buttons, all the other players get a message about this player "minimizing" and the table host has a choice whether to boot the player immediately or wait for the player to come back.