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Rubber Scoring explained
After a deal has been played, a Score screen appears.

If rubber bridge was chosen as scoring method from "Settings", or when creating an online table, a score by rubber bridge scoring methodology is calculated and shown.

The Rubber Score shows you the rubber in progress. If several rubbers have been played, it also shows the total sums of those at the bottom of the score.

To go on to the next deal, the table owner (South) must hit the "Next Deal" button.

The buttons "Skip" and "Replay" are always available in Offline mode.

In Online Mode, the buttons "Skip" and "Replay" can only be used if Practice mode is selected when creating an online table.

Online tables using Practice mode are marked with the letter "P" on the left side of the table at the main table's screen where tables are listed.

You can always check the Rubber Score by using the "Score" button on the main table screen.

You can get back to the main table screen by using the button "Table".

The other menu buttons - "Auction Interpretation", "Review", "Par Contract" and "Par Contract" are described in separate chapters of the help file.

Rubber Bridge Scoring Explained

If you are a casual bridge player, you have probably played only rubber bridge. In rubber bridge your opponents for scoring purposes are the other pair. If you hold better cards than your opponents and handle them well, you should win. You may play for the entire session with the same fixed partnerships, or you may change partners each rubber.

Each deal is played once, and scores are entered above the line and below the line on the scorepad. 100 points below the line scores a game, and the first partnership to score two games wins the rubber.