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Online Play
When you choose "Online play" from the main welcome screen and have successfully logged in, then you will see a list of tables (lobby).

Before you start playing it is always good to check your internet settings and ensure you have a stable connection - whether your device is on Wifi, CAT5, 4G or 3G - and available networks as online play can be hindered by bad or intermittent network connectivity.

The name of the host is written above each table. The table`s host always occupies South. The names of the other players are written at their seats.

The vacant seats are marked with "Sit here". You can join any table by simply touching the "Sit here" sign at that table.

If there are no available seats or if you want to start a table by yourself, you should touch the "Create table" button at the menu bar.

Initially you are shown only the tables which have vacant seats on the tables screen. If you want to check all the tables, you should touch the "All Tables" button.

Hitting "Available Seats" button toggles the view back to show only the tables with available seats.

You can also search for a player by his/her name using the search box on the top of the window. If the player is found online, you are shown the table he/she is in as a result.

For finding friends and getting in touch with them, there is a button Buddies/Online players. Using this button you can see the list of My buddies, those online are listed in the box. From the buddies screen you can send private messages to your buddies who are online, perhaps asking them to join your table or simply to say hello. You can also see the list of all players who are online at the moment using the "All Players" button.

If you click on a players name you always get his/her profile. It does not matter if the name looks like button or not, it is always an active element showing that player`s profile.

You can exit the Bridge Baron 25 application by hitting the "Quit" button or access your account using the "My Account" button.