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When starting to play either by selecting "New game", "Tournaments" or "Online play", you can see a bridge table on your screen.

Your hand is at the bottom of the screen.

In the center of the bridge table there is a bidding box. You can also see the auction table in the bidding box. Top of the auction window, you can see the seat labels West-North-East-South.

The seat labels of the pair or pairs who are vulnerable are in red letters.

Your turn to bid is indicated by the symbol "???". If your device`s sound is turned on, you can also hear a sound signal.

To place a bid, you should simply touch the right symbol on the bidding box - 2 Club for example.

There are also buttons for "Pass" and "Double (X)".

The "Hint" button gives you Bridge Baron's suggestion on which bid to select.

You can also see that there are several more buttons on the screen. For bidding, the Auction Interpretation button is a very useful tool. After a player has placed a bid, if you touch the "Auction Interpretation" button, you can see the bidding interpretation.

When playing online with other people, you can ask someone to explain by using the "Chat" button if you do not understand the bid.

Bridge Baron has many bidding systems built into the program. When playing with the computer, players using the "New Game" or "Tournaments" mode, you can access and alter the table`s settings by using the "Settings" button.

In "Online play" mode, the settings are chosen by the host of the table (South).

If you accidentally hit a wrong button, you can ask to undo by hitting the "Undo" button. You can only ask for an undo if it is your
turn to bid, so actually you may have to wait till your turn comes again.

After asking for an undo while playing online, the other human players get a computer generated message asking them to accept the undo. If someone refuses, you cannot undo. When playing with computer players, undo is always granted.

"Show all" button lets you view or hide all the cards, but only on condition that the table is set on "Practice" mode and you can only make the cards visible when it is your turn to bid or play.

After the auction has been completed, the Contract box appears. To proceed on to playing the deal, the table's host (South) must touch the "OK" button of the Contract box.