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Bridge Match
To access the Bridge Match feature you will first click on the "Bridge Match" button from the main menu.

This feature lets you play a complete match of up to 16 boards. First you select "Create Match" then select the number of boards to be played and the scoring method to be used -- International Match Points (IMPs), Board-a-Match, or Total Points. Then click on the "Play Match" button to start playing that deal. First you play the boards, and then two other persons can play the same boards.

You don't have to finish a match you have started at a single sitting. After you (or another player) have completed the number of boards selected for the match, you have the option of saving the match to disk. Then you can load it later and other players can play the same boards and get a comparison of their scores with yours.

You have considerable flexibility in playing matches. You can vary declarer and defenders thinking time from one player to the next; thus, you can handicap matches if you wish. Each player can also use his or her own preferred conventions; to accomplish this the player chooses Change NS Pair Profile and Change EW Pair Profile on the Bridge Match menu before selecting Human Player Replay.

The computer will keep score board by board and will compare the first score on each board with the latest one. At the end it will show the total score for each player. By clicking on Next and Previous you can obtain a comparison of the scores of any two players.