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Bridge Baron 25 offers the opportunity to play real life tournament hands from ACBL, Cavendish and ABF.

You can play tournaments against the computer players by selecting the "Tournaments" button on the main welcome screen.

After choosing to play the "Tournaments" you see the tournaments screen with all the available tournaments listed.

To play a tournament, simply tap on its name on the left side window and the list of boards is presented on the right side window. You can start by selecting any set of boards.

After the hand has been played a tournament scoring board is shown which compares your result to the other tables where the same deal was played.

You can proceed to the next hand by selecting the "Next board" button or replay the hand by selecting the "Replay" button.

"Replay" is always available in Offline mode.

In Online Mode "Replay" can only be used if Practice mode is selected when creating an online table.

If you exit the "Tournaments" section while playing, your last hand is saved and is accessible from the tournaments screen by using the "Play Current Session" button.

To purchase aditional tournaments please visit