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Joining an Online table
In Online play mode, you can either join any table which exists at the moment or you can create a table yourself.

You can join any table`s available seat simply by touching the "Sit here" sign at the table. Before you do this, there are some things to notice and consider.

At the left side of the table you can see some letters.

"B" means that the table is set at the program skill level of the beginner.

"I" means that the table is set at the program skill level of the intermediate player.

"A" means that the table is set at the advanced level.

"P" means that the practice mode is on, which means anyone sitting at this table can see all hands by hitting "Show all" button.

"D" means that Double-Dummy play is on - meaning the computer will cheat, looking in all four hands.

You should also notice what bidding system is used at the table before joining. The bidding system for North/South and East/West is shown at the right side of each table and they can be different.

The table host always occupies South. In "Online play" mode the table`s host will decide which bidding system, scoring method and other settings for his/her table he/she prefers. If you create a table, you are to choose the table´s settings.

If you want to leave the table, you should first use the "Close" button from the top left of the main table screen and then choose the "Quit" button on the Lobby screen. This takes you back to the main menu screen.

You can join other tables or, if you want to quit altogether, you can do so by touching the "Quit" button. This takes you out of the application.

When someone closes Bridge Baron 25 in "Online play" mode without using the "Close" and "Quit" buttons, all the other players get a message about this player "minimizing" and the table host has a choice whether to boot the player immediately or wait for the player to come back.