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    iBridge Baron
            1. Login Screens:
            2. Crashing Tournaments:
            3. Bidding and Interpretation:
            4. "Running Low on System Resources" message, or " Game performance can be improved by closing applications running on the background" message:
            5. Online Game Reconnect-Restart Procedure, ... takes too long:
            6. No or very few tables!
            7. Disappearing Tables:
            8. Creating your Own Table or Joining one:
            9. Landscape View:
            10. Can options for ongoing competitions be added in order to motivate returning players?
            11. iBridge Baron and Learning Features:
            12. iBB Availability - Compatibility:
            13. Forgot Password? link not working

3. Bidding and Interpretation:

Clients commentary:

- bidding goes to high
- feels like partner is your opponent
- or other bidding irregularities


- please review your Bidding System from Settings --> NS/EW Convention Card Setup - Press on the 'i' in front of the name of the Bidding System. Starting with version iBBNet on that info screen, one can also make changes to the way conventions are being used and interpreted.
- if the issue persists, please contact: or with a handy Deal Number, details of played Bidding System, and the Bidding Sequence