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            10. Can options for ongoing competitions be added in order to motivate returning players?
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8. Creating your Own Table or Joining one:
8. Creating your Own Table or Joining one:

Clients commentary:

- can one create his/her own table?
- can a table be closed so that no strangers can enter it- join it?
- can you find a friend by knowing the table name they have created, if so is true?


- one can create his/her own table: use the Create Table function found at the top right corner of the table list screen
- one can look for their Buddies (function found at the bottom of the screen once in Lobby) when wishing to play against someone they know
- when joined in a table, one can click on user names to see their profiles, add/remove from buddy list, boot player from table, or simply check on Player Stats
- one can use the Search function on top of the table list screen to find a particular table name created by their friend, if such has done so and created a table already
- if your partner is sitting next to you, the table he/she created will also be listed under Local.